Painter or Chemist? Yes!

Pro painters know chemistry.

When top professional painters talk chemistry they are in their element. To get the desired results (bonding, coverage, leveling, sheen, UV, protection, etc.) we need to know the surface type, environment during application and the ongoing environment of the finished product.

For example, you may want a painted look on your kitchen cabinets and choose a color. We know the look you want, but it’s unlikely we’ll use paint to achieve it. We may choose to use a polyurethane product beginning with Sayerlack Polyurethane Basecoat Thixo, which is a two-component solvent based polyurethane primer with excellent characteristics for kitchen cabinetry:

High speed of drying, allowing early recoating with topcoat
Excellent manual sandability
High thixotropy and hence reduced dripping at the bottom edge of picture frames or into convex parts
Improved building/hiding power on sharp edges
Uniform absorption between grainy and compact parts of wood

This all adds up to a great finished surface with excellent and consistent coverage, water resistance and durability. To the casual observer it’s just the color they wanted, but to us it meets the high standards that upholds our reputation as the best painting contractor in our area.

The Paint Doctor knows surface coverage chemistry to make sure your project has all the right stuff!