The Right White

There are an infinite number of tints, tones and saturations of white paint.

You’ve got some painting to do and you may be thinking, “I’ll just paint it white.” Not so fast, there Skippy. White is almost never pure white. There are undertones with as many tints, tones and saturations as you can imagine. So even when you are choosing white, you need to choose the right white.

To get a good idea of the range, you can visit Sherwin-Williams Digital Color Wall. You can enter “white” in the search or just check out the white end of the spectrum you see on your screen.

It’s also a good idea to get a bunch of color chips. You can get up to 10 2″ x 3″ ColorSnap color chips delivered free from Sherwin-Williams. With the color chips, you can see them in your home with other d├ęcor objects and in your home lighting.

White is a good choice. Which white is not so easy. Ask the Paint Doctor which whites they use the most.