Church Painting Service

Whether you are a deacon, a volunteer on the painting committee or an administrative pastor for a multi-staff ministry, you have been tasked with finding the right painting contractor for your church painting project. We hope you will prayerfully consider Paint Doctor’s Painting. We have the church painting experience and the integrity to help you in this important ministry of stewardship.

Church painting has unique challenges from the heights of the sanctuary to the tip of the steeple, experience with reaching these areas can be an important consideration when you present your proposal to the church board. Give Mike a call to talk about how we can serve you as you serve the Lord, 541-497-3804.

Property Protection

For most of us, our houses and our business properties are our biggest assets. We have invested a lot of resources into these buildings. which is why critical maintenance is so important. Keeping a protective layer of quality paint is essential to protecting our investment.

Many exterior building products are engineered to have a protective layer of paint. Paint provides protection against water intrusion and against ultraviolet light deterioration. Many siding types are not particularly strong or resilient unless they are properly sealed and painted.

According to the Engineered Wood Association, “Proper finishing protects siding from the weather, reduces maintenance and promotes long-lasting performance. Weather can cause surface damage to unprotected wood within 4 weeks of exposure and adversely affect the performance of subsequently applied finishes. Preprimed products should be top-coated within 60 to 90 days of installation.”

The Paint Doctor takes into account the specific recommendations provided by the siding manufacturers. These recommendations are not just for the chemical characteristics of the primers and paints, but timing and how to apply the product. For example, “The first coat should either be brush-applied or sprayed and back-brushed while the finish is still wet. This is essential for textured surfaces, such as rough-sawn. Brushing helps work the finish into the siding, therefore providing better protection to the siding surface and optimum finish adhesion,” according to the Engineered Wood Association.

Additionally the edges and transitions must be sealed with proper caulking products professionally applied.

When you consider the amount of money you have invested in your siding, professional paint application makes a lot of sense to protect your investment. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Color of the Year 2023

Sherwin-Williams says “if the most beautiful beige could blush, you’d find our 2023 Color of the Year,” which is Redend Point. “Redend Point is a thoughtful hue that knows how to reinvent a space in the warmest of ways,” says Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing.

Whether you make the bold choice to go with Redent Point, or select a more neutral color scheme, call Mike at Paint Doctor’s Painting to get your project going 541-497-3804.

Here is a potential color palette to go with Redend Point.

Opportunity Cost

The idea sounds good. I’ll just paint it myself. But there can be a lot more to a painting project than many homeowners realize. Just tracking down the basic supplies (masking materials, drop cloths, brushes, rollers, pans…) takes time and money.

You may not have considered the opportunity cost to your diy project: what could I be doing to make money if I wasn’t working on this paint job? It’s another good reason to call the Paint Doctor, 541-497-3804.

Call the Paint Doctor for your next project.
DIY paint project.
Masking tape and paint brush

Copen Blue

Thinking about adding some color to your life? Copen Blue by Sherwin-Williams makes a subtle departure from your white walls without overpowering the senses. Add interest and variety without making a complete overhaul of your décor components. Another great idea from the Paint Doctor!

Novel Lilac

Here at Paint Doctor’s Painting we are inspiring customers with some great color ideas during interior paint season. Dramatic color changes could be just the thing to brighten your home or office interior during the darker months ahead.

Novel Lilac by Sherwin-Williams
Interior décor inspired by a change in color.
Here’s the info you need when you talk to Mike about using this color in your home.

Interior Inspiration

The Paint Dr says it’s a great time to schedule some interior paint work.

Our crew works hard throughout the warmer months to achieve the best possible exterior paint jobs on customer homes and buildings. However, now it’s time for an inside job or two to keep things rolling through the winter months.

You can expect to get your best deal of the year on interior paint jobs when we are looking to keep our crew busy and the business running strong during the winter months.

So give the Paint Dr a call today and get that interior paint project on the calendar. 541-497-3804

Check out these interior paint color ideas from Sherwin-Williams:

Coastal Challenge at the Channel House

 The fresh ocean breezes, sweeping panoramic views and powerful surf of the Channel House Hotel in Depoe Bay, Oregon presents an amazing experience for guests and a serious challenge for the painters.

Perched on an oceanside cliff with multiple levels of decks and balconies makes the Channel House an ideal coastal getaway. The same features had the owners turning to the Paint Doctor to protect their tremendous asset from the elements. Our crew and our products are up to the challenge.