Serving a Variety of Tastes

More than any time in recent history, many of us have spent a lot more time indoors in our own homes. That’s a lot of hours looking at the same walls. If variety is the spice of life, many of us have been experiencing a bland outlook with a groundhog’s day of repetition.

One of the best ways to add some much needed excitement to home décor is to make a color change to the opposite end of the spectrum. Going from light to dark can add just the change that’s needed.

Peel and Stick Color Samples

Sherwin-Williams is offering free shipping on their 8″x 8″ peel and stick color samples. These large samples give a more accurate perception of what a color would look like in your space.

The samples can be repositioned several times to try the colors in various locations. Go to and search peel and stick.

After choosing your color, give us a call and we can take care of the rest!

March 2022 Color of the Month

Sherwin-Williams says, “Craft bold and beautiful style with statement-making color. Iron Ore’s timeless shade speaks for itself – that’s why it’s one of our most popular colors. Whether it plays with other hues or makes a statement on its own, this warm charcoal knows how to blend beautifully.”


According to Sherwin-Williams, “A wintry blue brings calm and quiet to create sanctuary spaces of all kinds. Aleutian’s charm captures your attention in the most endearing of ways. Whether you’re seeking a bohemian haven, or folklore-filled retreat, this cool blue has mastered the art of blending beautifully with any design style.”

Need a little more cool, calm and quiet in your life? Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

How Much Paint?

Before you head to the paint store, you’ll want to make some measurements of the area you intend to paint. In general, a gallon of paint covers about 400 square feet, according to Lowes. However, professional painters know how wall conditions can affect the amount of paint needed. Very porous surfaces absorb paint. In fact a heavy-bodied primer for that condition is often required.

Of course when you hire us to paint your house, we do all of the calculations and include the material costs in the bid. No guess work, no trips or return trips to the paint store.

Flat Black Wall

We thought this flat black wall was pretty cool. You can’t get much more neutral than black so any décor colors will pop when added to the scene to create the look you want.

Color used: Sherwin-Williams Black Magic.

Base Cabinet Color Upgrade

The current trend of painting base cabinets with an accent color adds visual interest to this home. Notice how the wall cabinets, countertops, appliances and walls are all neutral colors.

Considering a cabinet color change? It could be just what the Doctor prescribes.

Blue Sky SW0063 by Sherwin-Williams made a big difference in this kitchen.

Dramatic Contrast

These bedroom walls stand in stark contrast to the white trim and décor pieces to create a sophisticated appeal in this great take on black and white.

When choosing wall paint colors keep in mind the other decorating components to produce the look you want. In this case only small splashes of color in the flowers and one pillow produce the desired effect.