Call the Doctor about Repairs

Many of your repairs can be included in our scope of work.

Let’s talk repairs. Don’t put off getting that painting project completed because you’re not sure what to do about the variety of repairs needed on the surface to be painted. Many of your repairs can be included in our scope of work. Filling holes, handling peeling paint, attaching loose trim and replacing missing surface materials can be handled by our painting staff. We have specialists on staff equipped to handle repairs.

In addition, we have a great network of trade partners who can assist in getting everything up to speed in preparation for your painting project. Not sure where to start? Call Mike at 541-497-3804

Fraternity House Facelift

Fraternity house painting project in process.
A Paint Dr crew member uses specialized equipment to reach dormers on a large frat house.

Sorority and fraternity house maintenance has its challenges. Much larger than most single family homes, they tend to fit somewhere between residential and commercial. Size matters when it comes to repainting because simply reaching the lofty heights of dormers and gable ends can be a real challenge. This is where Paint Doctor’s Painting comes in. They have a large, experienced work force that knows just what to do with the unique challenges of Greek housing. Need help with a fraternity or sorority house painting project? Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Oregon State fraternity house painting project.

Inside Job

The Paint Dr says it’s a great time to schedule some interior paint work.

The Paint Dr crew works hard throughout the warmer months to achieve the best possible exterior paint jobs on customer homes and buildings. However, now it’s time for an Inside Job or two to keep things rolling through the winter months.

You can expect to get your best deal of the year on interior paint jobs when painting contractors are looking to keep their crews busy and the business running strong during the winter months.

So give the Paint Dr, aka Mike Nading, a call today and get that interior paint project on the calendar.


Reaching New Heights


There are plenty of reasons not to paint your own house, but wanting to live may top the list. Reaching every painted surface on your home’s exterior and interior takes more than most homeowners realize. Through in an extra story and a hillside lot and you’ve a formula for a truly life-changing disaster.

Professional painters know how to reach all of those hard-to-reach peaks, gables and dormers that make you house look cool. Mike Nading, the Paint Doctor knows just how to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

You might be surprised at just what it takes to get a painter in position to update and protect your home’s exterior, but whatever it takes, the Paint Doctor’s Painting Service will get there. It could take scaffolding, ladders, power lifts, cherry pickers, zip lines or catwalks – but they will get it done safely and thoroughly.┬áCall Mike at 541-497-3804 and save your death defying adrenaline feats for your vacation adventures.