It’s Not Easy Being Green

You may start with the great idea to change things up in your kitchen by painting the cabinets green. One of the first challenges will be deciding on a green. For example, the two greens featured above create very different looks. Left: Coastal Plain SW 6192, Right: Ripe Olive SW 6209

Next, you have the question of cabinet hardware including pulls and hinges and how they can be removed and properly labeled to return to their original position.

Then there is the matter of preparing your cabinet surfaces. Degrease, de-gloss and determine what you are going to do with the interiors.

Then there is the matter of protecting the other surfaces in the kitchen – countertops, walls, appliances, etc.

Kermit was right. We can help.

March 2022 Color of the Month

Sherwin-Williams says, “Craft bold and beautiful style with statement-making color. Iron Ore’s timeless shade speaks for itself – that’s why it’s one of our most popular colors. Whether it plays with other hues or makes a statement on its own, this warm charcoal knows how to blend beautifully.”