Calming Colors

Rooted in the idea of nature, the Sanctuary color collection focuses on the natural world.

Rooted in the idea of nature,  the Sanctuary color collection by Sherwin-Williams focuses on the connection that the natural world has to nurturing wellness and calm. This palette is influenced by biophilia, nesting and Scandinavian design. The quietness of Pure White SW 7005 is a signal to take respite, slow down and embrace what’s truly important. The warm minimalism of Morris Room Grey SW 0037 is a reminder that less is more.

Other colors in Sanctuary include Oakmoss SW 6180, Messenger Bag SW 7740 and Canyon Clay SW 6054.

For these or other color options to make your living space a sanctuary during these turbulent times, call Mike of Paint Doctor’s Painting 541-497-3804.

Church Painting

Having an attractive, well maintained property shows the community you are committed to quality and that you care about them by taking care of the way your neighborhood looks. An attractive paint job plays a major role in this aspect of your community outreach.

Church Painting

A quality paint job not only improves your church’s testimony in the community, it is also good stewardship because it protects the investment your church body has made on the property.

Although most of us recognize that the people (and not the building) are the church, in many ways the building represents the church body in the community. Having an attractive, well maintained property shows the community you are committed to quality and that you care about them by taking care of the way your neighborhood looks. An attractive paint job plays a major role in this aspect of your community outreach.

In addition to the appearance, properly applied paint also protects your building by providing a barrier against water and UV damage. Most exterior building materials were designed to have a protective covering of paint. Without up-to-date paint protection, these materials are susceptible to damaging water intrusion as well as to ultraviolet light damage. Both of these factors can greatly shorten the life expectancy of your church exterior.

In addition to damage to the exterior, water can get into the framing, insulation, sheetrock and carpet causing rot or mold issues. Paint really does protect.

As a church leader, you will be faced with decisions about how to proceed with getting the paint protection your property needs. Hopefully you will be able to navigate questions of body and trim color without too much trouble. But what about the actual labor to get the job done. Here’s why we think volunteers may not be the way to go for this task:

  1. A quality paint job is just as much about preparing the surfaces as it is about applying the paint. Loose and peeling paint need to be removed, a job that requires a specific skill set not to mention that the debris can end up in flower beds, on sidewalks and on parking lots. Ever try to clean up paint flakes and old caulking?
  2. Church buildings are bigger than you think. Reaching gables, bell towers, spires, crosses and cupolas can be difficult and dangerous especially without the proper equipment. How is your liability insurance?
  3. A church painting project can take months when relying on volunteers. Our estimators can provide you with a completion date and our large, experienced crew can complete the job quickly.

Paint Doctor’s Painting specializes in painting church buildings. We understand your questions and concerns. We are here to help. Give Mike a call at 541-497-3804

The Doctor is In!

The Paint Doctor (aka Mike Nading) is alive and well! We appreciate the concern expressed about Mike’s recent surgery, but he’s well on the road to recovery and getting back into his duties with Paint Doctor’s Painting. Our experienced crew is in full summer paint mode with our best weather for exterior paint projects. Give us a call for a quote.

Fraternity House Facelift

Fraternity house painting project in process.
A Paint Dr crew member uses specialized equipment to reach dormers on a large frat house.

Sorority and fraternity house maintenance has its challenges. Much larger than most single family homes, they tend to fit somewhere between residential and commercial. Size matters when it comes to repainting because simply reaching the lofty heights of dormers and gable ends can be a real challenge. This is where Paint Doctor’s Painting comes in. They have a large, experienced work force that knows just what to do with the unique challenges of Greek housing. Need help with a fraternity or sorority house painting project? Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Oregon State fraternity house painting project.

United Methodist Bell Tower


Volunteers are the life blood of the United Methodist Church in Halsey, but when it’s time to paint their historic building with its iconic bell tower, they call in the Paint Doctor, Mike Nading and his crew.

Mike knows how to get the job done right the first time with the proper preparation, the right product and the best application. But more importantly for this job, his crew shows up with the right equipment to safely reach all sides of the bell tower. Not only does keep the congregation safely on the ground, it provides a safe platform for the crew and protects the building.

When your church building needs a fresh coat of paint, get the job done right by calling the Paint Doctor, Mike Nading 541-497-3804.

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