Novel Lilac

Here at Paint Doctor’s Painting we are inspiring customers with some great color ideas during interior paint season. Dramatic color changes could be just the thing to brighten your home or office interior during the darker months ahead.

Novel Lilac by Sherwin-Williams
Interior décor inspired by a change in color.
Here’s the info you need when you talk to Mike about using this color in your home.

Interior Inspiration

The Paint Dr says it’s a great time to schedule some interior paint work.

Our crew works hard throughout the warmer months to achieve the best possible exterior paint jobs on customer homes and buildings. However, now it’s time for an inside job or two to keep things rolling through the winter months.

You can expect to get your best deal of the year on interior paint jobs when we are looking to keep our crew busy and the business running strong during the winter months.

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Check out these interior paint color ideas from Sherwin-Williams:

Paint Adhesion

In painting, adhesion refers to the strong bond between the coating and substrate. It asks the question, “Will this paint stick to this surface for a long time?” Adhesion is absolutely essential to the success of a paint job.

As we have mentioned before, professional painters are practical chemists who understand the bonding properties of the best products on the market. To achieve a long lasting paint that stays put, a number of considerations must be taken into account. Surface type, surface preparation and the right primer are high on the priority list.

Not sure if your paint job will hang in there over the long run? Better call the pros at Paint Doctor’s Painting.

Exterior Paint Season

The time is quickly approaching for exterior repaints and protecting your biggest asset is more important now than ever before.

Colors include SW 7694 Dromedary Camel, 7523 Burnished Brandy, 6124 Cardboard

Need some inspiration for your home’s exterior paint color? Sherwin-Williams has a great resource on their website to give you a feel for some cool paint colors on a variety of houses. Another cool thing, Paint Doctors Painting can get the Sherwin-Williams color you choose. Check it out here

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Serving a Variety of Tastes

More than any time in recent history, many of us have spent a lot more time indoors in our own homes. That’s a lot of hours looking at the same walls. If variety is the spice of life, many of us have been experiencing a bland outlook with a groundhog’s day of repetition.

One of the best ways to add some much needed excitement to home décor is to make a color change to the opposite end of the spectrum. Going from light to dark can add just the change that’s needed.


According to Sherwin-Williams, “A wintry blue brings calm and quiet to create sanctuary spaces of all kinds. Aleutian’s charm captures your attention in the most endearing of ways. Whether you’re seeking a bohemian haven, or folklore-filled retreat, this cool blue has mastered the art of blending beautifully with any design style.”

Need a little more cool, calm and quiet in your life? Call Mike at 541-497-3804.