The Devil is in the Details

Let Paint Doctors Painting take care of the details

It’s an expression that means “it may seem simple, but…” It’s identifying and dealing with loose paint. It’s filling nail holes and non-nail holes. It’s getting that fill perfectly flat and making sure a change in sheen doesn’t give it away. It’s knowing when, where, why and how to caulk. It’s the chemical properties of a proper bond and what primers are best for adhesion to your particular substrate and adhesion to the finish coat – not to mention coverage and stain blocking, which both have an amazing amount of details to consider.

There is way more to painting than spraying, rolling or brushing and way more to these three methods than most might think. Then, oh my friends, then there is the getting there – to every surface, peak, dormer, soffit and lay-on-your-back-to-reach edge.

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