Back in Black Interior Trim

Black stair trim and black doors – a very cool choice and well executed by our crew. Give Mike a call for your interior update 541-497-3804.

Black doors compliment the stair parts in this recent project by

See Red in a New Way

Red paint colors can create an abiding warmth in an interior room or impart bold life to an exterior surface. Give your space an inviting glow with a warm neutral red like Glamour or Pinky Beige. Make a statement with the sustaining energy of a deep red like Red Barn. Explore even more vibrant possibilities among our expert picks and popular reds.

Warm, energetic and high impact, the color red is a fantastic choice for spaces where you want to entertain and promote interaction. For a less dynamic red, choose a hue with rust or brown tones.

Green, Restorative and Nourishing

When green paint color is in its purest form, it appears balanced and refreshing. As it leans toward blue it becomes crisp and cool – perfect for bedrooms and baths. Whereas adding yellow can make green livelier – great for spaces where people gather.

Unlock the restorative energy stored in these Sherwin-Williams green paint colors. Discover nourishing sage greens like Svelte Sage or calming blue greens like Copen Blue. Or perhaps you’re searching for the muted cool of a gray green like Sea Salt or even the laid-back charm of an olive green like Renwick Olive? Find your inner green. Call Mike 541-497-3804

Escape Gray SW 6185
Paint Doctor's Painting can transform your kitchen space with this calming green.
Evergreen Fog SW 9130 features a green living room.
Living Room in Lacewing SW 6729
Interior painting season offers a chance to go green in your kitchen.
Kitchen in Lark Green SW 6745 dining room green wall option
Dining with a splash of green called Taiga SW 9654

Yellow, A Happy Color is Calling

If you’re looking for a warm and inviting color for your home, yellow paint colors are a great choice. Yellow is associated with happiness and optimism, making it a perfect choice for areas like kitchens and living rooms. Pale yellow paint colors can create a sunny and cheerful atmosphere, while deeper shades of yellow can add a touch of sophistication. When deciding on the right yellow paint color for your space, consider what other colors will be used in the room.

Using yellow paint is like infusing your interior space with a drop of sunshine. Yellow adds an unmatched brightness and inner glow. Paler shades of yellow are perfect for nurseries. Brighter yellow paint colors are great for sun porches and kitchens.

Yellow tones can produce a warmer feel to your living room.
The Paint Doctor in Albany Oregon can transform your interior spaces with new colors.
Lantern Light SW 6687 adds an elegant warmth as a bedroom accent wall.
Napery SW 6386
Overjoy SW 6689 is a bold choice to brighten up this kitchen.
Start you day with a ray of sunshine with Sunrise SW 6668.

New Blue Review

Blue is a very popular paint color. Blue can appear more traditional in its darker tones but feel breezy and cool when you add white. The calming effect of many blues make them perfect for spaces where you want to relax. Here are a few shades and tones of blue to consider for your next home project.

Moscow Midnight SW 9142
Raindrop SW 6485
Naval SW 6244
Slate Tile SW 7624
Sleepy Blue SW 6225

If you’re hunting for that perfect blue to set the scene, from formal to laid-back, you’ll be sure to find it in a Sherwin-Williams blue paint color. Whether it’s a subdued blue gray like Sleepy Blue or a cheerful blue green like Raindrop, a serious dark blue like Loyal Blue or a playful light blue like Sky High, the best blue paint colors for your space can be expertly applied by the Paint Doctor, 541-497-3804.

Azure Tide 9684

Beige to Blue

Check out the big improvement of this house we transformed from a drab beige to a very appealing blue. The transformation goes well beyond the color change. We spent considerable time and care cleaning and preparing the surface. We handled loose paint, primed raw wood, sealed and caulked against weather damage.

Notice also the trim details that go well beyond the previous paint job and really bring out the original charm of the house design. We are scheduling exterior paint projects for the fast arriving season. Call Mike at 541-497-3804

Big improvements with a new exterior house paint project by Paint Doctor's Painting

Beyond Green

One of the coolest things about paint colors is the range of colors possible with the right mix. Roycroft Bronze Green by Sherwin-Williams is green but it’s probably not the first green that comes to mind when someone says green, it’s richer than green, it’s beyond green. See it in other rooms: SW 2846

Whatever your paint color and your paint project, give us a call to apply it over a properly prepared surface for a long-lasting finish in a space that brings you great joy and peace of mind. Call the doctor, Mike 541.497.3804

large bathroom in bronze green with white trim

Going Coastal Again

As much as we love the Oregon Coast, it can be brutal on exterior finishes, which is one of the many reasons more coastal property owners are calling the Paint Doctor to protect and beautify their houses and businesses. Surface preparation is always a high priority, which is why we don’t squeeze that paint gun trigger until the project is really ready. Coastal environments often require extra attention in minor repairs, in handling mold and mildew, in rust removal and in peeling paint mitigation. And caulking, you better believe we know that rain and salt spray can come at your building from every possible angle.

If you want a top quality paint job using coast-ready products applied by professional painters familiar with your environment, call the Paint Doctor, 541-497-3804

Inside the Old German Baptist Brethren Church

Protecting the oak trim, pews and floors was a top priority for our crew when they went to church this week. Wise church leaders know which ministry tasks can be accomplished with volunteers and when it’s time to call in the pros from Paint Doctor’s Painting. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Paint Doctor's Painting interior church walls

Church Painting 2024

If you have been tasked with finding the right painting contractor for your church painting project, look no further. We have LOTS of experience painting church buildings! We hope you will prayerfully consider Paint Doctor’s Painting. We have the church painting experience and the integrity to help you in this important ministry of stewardship.

Church painting has unique challenges from the heights of the sanctuary to the tip of the steeple, experience with reaching these areas can be an important consideration when you present your proposal to the church board. Give Mike a call to talk about how we can serve you as you serve the Lord, 541-497-3804.

New Life in Christ Fellowship in Sweet Home is just one example of a recent church painting project.