July 2024 Color of the Month-Heron Plume

Sherwin-Williams says, “This inviting shade of warm white seamlessly blends modern simplicity with traditional style. Heron Plume’s laid-back energy is perfect for the refined yet relaxed sophistication of California coastal style. When paired with the nature-inspired coordinating hues of the California Love palette, this airy shade makes crafting casual style a breeze.”

Heron Plume white is combined with Pachyderm SW 9596 wainscot.

Settle into serenity with the subtle, relaxing influence of simple color. A layered approach to the soft, tonal neutrals of this month’s palette builds to evoke a cozy sense of tranquility in a bedroom retreat. Heron Plume’s warming shade of creamy white paired with Pachyderm’s soft greige tone creates a clean backdrop for other elements of coastal style to stand out. Textured natural materials like jute and wicker mix with layered wood tones to add depth and contrast while highlighting the organic, outdoor feel of the space.

paintdrspainting.com suggests this shade of white for modern décor
Whether inside or out, Heron Plume’s warmth radiates an easygoing, welcoming vibe to greet guests. A rich blue-green shade like Mount Etna makes a striking first impression, adding bold contrast that elevates the exterior and sets the tone.

At Paint Doctor’s Painting we often say white is never really just white. Subtle tints make a white warmer or cooler or comfy. Call Mike with help to choose your white and expert help in applying it in your home or business. 541-497-3804

Malted Milk

Staying with our spring theme of pastels, here is anther color by Sherwin-Williams, “Malted Milk’s soft shade can turn every day into a sweet escape. Couple this blushing beauty with cottagecore vibes to craft a home where little moments are romanticized.”

Bathroom with claw foot tub and pink trim.
Parlor with green tone fireplace and pink walls
House paint colors that go with pink

Homburg Gray

Bring in a hint of cozy and a touch of classic elegance in a welcoming space saturated in this gorgeous gray green color. Sherwin-Williams Homburg Gray SW 7622 is an alluring neutral hue with a little mystery, shifting its look and mood with the light. Bright, open spaces filled with natural light pull its earthy green undertones. And in darker settings, it reveals its deeper blue green character as the more refined side of its personality emerges. Its easy adaptability and versatile style give it a place throughout the home.

Call Mike to get it with gray! 541.497.3804

Homburg Gray is a great color for kitchen cabinets.
Homburg Gray pairs very well with natural wood tones.

Leave it to the Pros

My neighbors recently started painting their own house. It looked like everyone in the family was on a ladder of various heights at one point, but they only got so high and ran out of reach. The gable end has been unfinished for weeks.

There are plenty of reasons not to paint your own house, but wanting to live may top the list. Reaching every painted surface on your home’s exterior and interior takes more than most homeowners realize. Throw in an extra story and a hillside lot and you’ve a formula for a truly life-changing disaster.

Professional painters know how to reach all of those hard-to-reach peaks, gables and dormers that make you house look cool. The Paint Doctor knows just how to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

You might be surprised at just what it takes to get a painter in position to update and protect your home’s exterior, but whatever it takes, the Paint Doctor’s Painting Service will get there. It could take scaffolding, ladders, power lifts, cherry pickers, zip lines or catwalks – but they will get it done safely and thoroughly. Call Mike at 541-497-3804 and save your death defying adrenaline feats for your vacation adventures.

Best Painters on the Oregon coast

See Red in a New Way

Red paint colors can create an abiding warmth in an interior room or impart bold life to an exterior surface. Give your space an inviting glow with a warm neutral red like Glamour or Pinky Beige. Make a statement with the sustaining energy of a deep red like Red Barn. Explore even more vibrant possibilities among our expert picks and popular reds.

Warm, energetic and high impact, the color red is a fantastic choice for spaces where you want to entertain and promote interaction. For a less dynamic red, choose a hue with rust or brown tones.

Beyond Green

One of the coolest things about paint colors is the range of colors possible with the right mix. Roycroft Bronze Green by Sherwin-Williams is green but it’s probably not the first green that comes to mind when someone says green, it’s richer than green, it’s beyond green. See it in other rooms: SW 2846

Whatever your paint color and your paint project, give us a call to apply it over a properly prepared surface for a long-lasting finish in a space that brings you great joy and peace of mind. Call the doctor, Mike 541.497.3804

large bathroom in bronze green with white trim

Minimalist Scandinavian Ideas

Sherwin- Williams HGTV Home can be a great resource for color ideas: “For an open, airy, and minimalistic aesthetic, it’s all about the light. Focus on blonde wood, tall windows, and pale colors like Morning Fog and Familiar Beige. Lots of sunlight makes a room feel larger and more open, connecting a space to the great outdoors. It’s perfect for anywhere you’d want to unwind, whether it’s with a cup of tea, a soft pillow, or a good book.”

Call Mike and say, “Hey, let’s get this light, bright color scheme working at my place. Right now it’s a dark cave and it’s getting me down!” 541.497.3804

The Art of Choosing an Interior Color

Often a good place to begin with color selection is with some furniture or other décor items you already own. The crew at your local Sherwin-Williams store is accustomed with people bringing in art pieces, pillows, fabric samples or a cabinet drawer to get color matched. Call Mike to take it to the next step and see your artistic vision become a reality. 541.497.3804

The wall color in this photo matches some of the blues in the painting. The pillow also has complementary colors.

Pottery Barn Collection

It’s that time of the year when we are gearing up for interior jobs, which means are clients are making decisions about interior colors and matching décor. With that in mind, check out the Potter Barn Collection at Sherwin-Williams.

Prepare to be Amazed

Put down the brush and step away from the building. There is a lot more to painting than brushing, rolling or spraying paint. In fact, all skilled painters understand that most of the job in painting is preparation. Cleaning is essential. Paint cannot adhere when debris in the way.

Peeling paint must be removed or treated. Repair or replace loose or weather damaged siding and trim. Fill holes. Caulk joints.

Don’t overlook masking – this is a task that can make or break the quality of the paint job itself and prevent damaging other surfaces. The right masking materials (tape, paper, plastic sheeting, etc) make a big difference in the results. Clean, straight lines are not automatic. It takes lots of practice to get it right. Understanding the dynamics of the air pressures produced by pressurized paint and how to layer masking, use guards and drop cloths are all big components of a job well done.

Of course you can bring in the pros to do the job right the first time, call Mike at 541-497-3804.