July 2024 Color of the Month-Heron Plume

Sherwin-Williams says, “This inviting shade of warm white seamlessly blends modern simplicity with traditional style. Heron Plume’s laid-back energy is perfect for the refined yet relaxed sophistication of California coastal style. When paired with the nature-inspired coordinating hues of the California Love palette, this airy shade makes crafting casual style a breeze.”

Heron Plume white is combined with Pachyderm SW 9596 wainscot.

Settle into serenity with the subtle, relaxing influence of simple color. A layered approach to the soft, tonal neutrals of this month’s palette builds to evoke a cozy sense of tranquility in a bedroom retreat. Heron Plume’s warming shade of creamy white paired with Pachyderm’s soft greige tone creates a clean backdrop for other elements of coastal style to stand out. Textured natural materials like jute and wicker mix with layered wood tones to add depth and contrast while highlighting the organic, outdoor feel of the space.

paintdrspainting.com suggests this shade of white for modern décor
Whether inside or out, Heron Plume’s warmth radiates an easygoing, welcoming vibe to greet guests. A rich blue-green shade like Mount Etna makes a striking first impression, adding bold contrast that elevates the exterior and sets the tone.

At Paint Doctor’s Painting we often say white is never really just white. Subtle tints make a white warmer or cooler or comfy. Call Mike with help to choose your white and expert help in applying it in your home or business. 541-497-3804

Protect Your Investment

When you consider the amount of money you have invested in your siding, professional paint application makes a lot of sense to protect your investment. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Many exterior building products are engineered to have a protective layer of paint. Paint provides protection against water intrusion and against ultraviolet light deterioration. Many siding types are not particularly strong or resilient unless they are properly sealed and painted.

According to the Engineered Wood Association, “Proper finishing protects siding from the weather, reduces maintenance and promotes long-lasting performance. Weather can cause surface damage to unprotected wood within 4 weeks of exposure and adversely affect the performance of subsequently applied finishes. Preprimed products should be top-coated within 60 to 90 days of installation.”

The Paint Doctor takes into account the specific recommendations provided by the siding manufacturers. These recommendations are not just for the chemical characteristics of the primers and paints, but timing and how to apply the product. For example, “The first coat should either be brush-applied or sprayed and back-brushed while the finish is still wet. This is essential for textured surfaces, such as rough-sawn. Brushing helps work the finish into the siding, therefore providing better protection to the siding surface and optimum finish adhesion,” according to the Engineered Wood Association.

Additionally the edges and transitions must be sealed with proper caulking products professionally applied.

When you consider the amount of money you have invested in your siding, professional paint application makes a lot of sense to protect your investment. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Wainscot Colors

Choosing colors for your decor projects can be a daunting task, which is why it’s a good idea to get some paint samples so you can test the color on a larger area at home.

Paint samples can help home owners decide what colors to use when planning a project. Paint Doctor's Painting can help.

According to Sherwin-Williams, “By sampling colors at home, you can be sure you’ve selected the right colors for your space. Color to Go samples make it easy. These small, Twist-n-Pour containers cover about 75 sq. ft., which helps you try colors to see exactly how they work with your lighting and decor. Color to Go helps you narrow in on the right color when you can’t decide between favorites.”

Lebanon Oregon Painter helps with color selections. One of the 5 best painters working in Lebanon Oregonn.
When Corvallis Oregon customers need help with their painting projects they turn to Paint Doctor's Painting.
This customer wanted to see this trim color applied on their project before eventually deciding on the darker color as the base and lighter color as the trim.
Wainscot colors can be a challenge to choose. Paint Doctor's painting can help. Listed here among the top 5 painters in the Mid-Valley area, Albany homeowners trust the Paint Doctor.

A neutral color for wainscot can also be used dramatically simply by changing the color of the wall above it.

Albany Oregon painter Paint Doctor's Painting can help you with your paint color choices.
Corvallis painting contractor Paint Doctor's Painting can help you choose your wainscot colors.
Sweet Home Oregon painting contractor Paint Doctor's Painting can help you choose your wainscot colors.
Lebanon Oregon painting contractor Paint Doctor's Painting can help you choose your wainscot colors.

Buying Time and Safety

Your time is worth a lot. Your safety is worth everything. Leave it to the pros of Paint Doctor’s Painting. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

You’ve probably heard the expression “your time is worth something” and at Paint Doctor’s Painting we know it’s true. When you consider the amount of time involved in doing your own paint project compared to hiring the Doctor, we think you will agree. Many property owners significantly underestimate what it takes to wash, prep, caulk, fill, sand, scrape, mask, pack, place, climb, spray, roll, brush, move and do it all again.

However, when you hire the pros at Paint Doctor’s Painting, you get an entire crew that is doing all of these operations at once with the speed and accuracy that comes with doing the job right the first time every day. Rather than having your house in that paint-job-in-process mode for weeks, you can have the whole job completed in a day or two.

Listed here among the top 5 painters in Albany Oregon, Paint Doctor's Painting can save you so much time and keep you safe.

Consider also the safety factor. We have the equipment and knowledge to do the job safely. When you consider how each time you move a ladder and reset it you have to get it just right and even then you are climbing, reaching and working off that ladder… Better left to the pros. Plus our guys know how to handle all of the products with the proper level of masks, respirators, gloves, face coverings, etc. Did you know many paint-related products have components that can be absorbed through the skin?

Top 5 painters in Lebanon, Oregon include Paint Doctor's Painting.

Your time is worth a lot. Your safety is worth everything. Leave it to the pros of Paint Doctor’s Painting. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Calming Colors

Rooted in the idea of nature, the Sanctuary color collection focuses on the natural world.

Rooted in the idea of nature,  the Sanctuary color collection by Sherwin-Williams focuses on the connection that the natural world has to nurturing wellness and calm. This palette is influenced by biophilia, nesting and Scandinavian design. The quietness of Pure White SW 7005 is a signal to take respite, slow down and embrace what’s truly important. The warm minimalism of Morris Room Grey SW 0037 is a reminder that less is more.

Other colors in Sanctuary include Oakmoss SW 6180, Messenger Bag SW 7740 and Canyon Clay SW 6054.

For these or other color options to make your living space a sanctuary during these turbulent times, call Mike of Paint Doctor’s Painting 541-497-3804.

Go Big and Go Home

Big jobs are all in a day’s work for Paint Doctor’s Painting.

Big jobs are all in a day’s work for Paint Doctor’s Painting. “Do it right the first time” means putting the right crew members on the right equipment to apply the right product for a finish that will last for many years. Got a big job? Call the Paint Dr.

Best Painting Contractors in Albany Oregon

United Methodist Bell Tower

Volunteers are the life blood of the United Methodist Church in Halsey, but when it’s time to paint their historic building with its iconic bell tower, they call in the Paint Doctor, Mike Nading and his crew.

Mike knows how to get the job done right the first time with the proper preparation, the right product and the best application. But more importantly for this job, his crew shows up with the right equipment to safely reach all sides of the bell tower. Not only does keep the congregation safely on the ground, it provides a safe platform for the crew and protects the building.

When your church building needs a fresh coat of paint, get the job done right by calling the Paint Doctor, Mike Nading 541-497-3804.

20150526_095750 Lebanon Oregon Painting Contractor Albany Oregon Painting Contractor Sweet Oregon Painting Contractor

Painting A House In A Day

Paint Doctor’s Painting recently had one of those stellar production days when everything went as planned. The combination of a tight schedule and the desire to help out a customer in a bind with a property on the coast launched a plan to paint an entire house in a day.

Included in the plan was all of the prep work, masking, body paint and trim. Of course, it helps when you roll onto the job with an experienced, hard working crew.

What a surprise for the homeowners when they came home from work and found a brand new looking house.

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Mike Nading the Paint Doctor

The very best nicknames are earned and bestowed on a person by their peers. This is definitely the case with the Paint Doctor aka Mike Nading of Albany, Oregon. Mike has worked in the paint industry for over 40 years and has earned a reputation with customers and fellow painters as the go-to guy for answers and advice about painting done right.

Much of Mike’s career in painting has been in the retail business. His paint stores in Roseburg and Albany were always fun places where homeowners felt welcome and where professional painters loved to stop by for supplies and grab a donut and a cup of coffee on the way to the job site.

Now for many years as a painting contractor, Mike has taken his trademark friendly customer service and vast knowledge of paint products, surface preparation and proper application to the places where they are needed most: the job sites and the homes of his customers.

Mike is more than willing to tackle even the toughest jobs, but there is one thing he tries to avoid at all costs: call-backs, which is why his motto “Do it right the first time” is quickly learned by everyone on his crew.

Give Mike Nading, the Paint Doctor, a call about your painting project today! 541-497-3804

Painting Large Structures

Getting the job done for West Albany High School.
Getting the job done for West Albany High School.

Got a big structure to paint? Paint Doctor’s Painting has you covered with plenty of experience completing commercial projects for contractors, property owners and site supervisors in the Willamette Valley.

Projects like West Albany High School’s Memorial Stadium take careful planning, specialized equipment and an experienced crew to get the job done right.

All of the basics for any good painting job – proper product, surface preparation and appropriate application – are present on large scale commercial jobs, but there are many more things to consider. Reaching greater heights, handling larger volumes of material, keeping schedules and staying within all safety requirements are just a few of the things that make a painter a commercial contractor.

Call Mike Nading 541-497-3804 about your next big project. He’ll ask the right questions and promptly get you a solid bid.

When you have Paint Doctor’s Painting on the team, you will have one less concern about completing your project in the professional manner that built your reputation.

Stadium painting
Paint Doctor’s Painting tackles the job of painting the stadium at West Albany High School.