We often use the term natural wood, which is the look we’re going for but in reality these projects need lots of professional care and product application to keep them looking natural for a long time.

Just like our painted finishes, a natural wood look needs UV protection to maintain the original color and it needs a seal coat to keep water and insect penetration from damaging the looks and the structural integrity. The type of seal coat for outdoor applications is critical. You have a lot invested in your natural wood project. Call the Paint Doctor to make sure it is properly protected, 541-497-3804.

Natural wood deck cover.

June 2024 Color of the Month: Honeydew

Soft yet energizing, Honeydew’s citrus hue easily fills any space with a fresh and frothy feel. With Fresh Zest as an accent color, you get the perfect combination for infusing a burst of vibrant liveliness without the boldness of more saturated shades. Bring them into a room with lots of natural light to meet the zestier, more expressive side of these hues.

Nook counter top featuring flowers in a vase and floating shelf.
Bedroom with pinks, baby blues and honeydew green. Paint Doctor's Painting Service
Colors that go with honeydew by the Paint Doctor

Barns and Other Out Buildings

All of the things we say about protecting the investment of your home applies to the protective covering for your outbuildings as well. Old, weathered barn wood might be just the thing for décor, but it’s probably not the best idea on the exterior of an actual working barn.

Barns can present unique challenges with hay lofts, hoist beams, lean-tos, breeze ways and attached fencing. We have the experience to handle these challenges . Call Mike for an estimate for your barn or outbuilding 541-497-3804.

Silver Strand

According to Sherwin-Williams, you can “wade into an elegance that ebbs and flows between the laid-back atmosphere of a coastal look and a more elevated yet approachable modern style. With Silver Strand anchoring the collection, May’s Seaside Tranquility palette weaves a harmonious backdrop of refreshing and relaxed comfort that ties it all together.”

Greet guests with a stunning shade of warm white that bathes spaces with a welcoming feel. As backdrop, Egret White’s bright shade breathes an airy expansiveness into the sun-drenched foyer and sets a tone of serene sophistication. Subtle pops of Silver Strand’s soft, breezy shade evoke the soothing qualities of lounging by the seaside. Warm wood tones coupled with the texture of accents like a jute rug and wicker baskets underscore the rustic charm. The overall uncomplicated, minimalist approach leaves the space with a clean, fresh feel that’s timeless.

Our coastal customers will appreciate the décor elements and colors that pair well with Silver Strand.


Here’s what Sherwin-Williams says of the Wallflower set of colors: “May’s sunset palette of mood-boosting hues feels made for a slightly eccentric style that blends retro color with a minimalist aesthetic. A Snowbound backdrop provides a blank canvas for the warm 70s-inspired hues of the palette to assert themselves as accents throughout the room. The curved comfort of softly rounded furniture and textured materials like rugs and cozy throws echo the warmth in the palette and bring some cozy balance to the clean “less is more” sensibility of this look.”

We say it’s a nice purplish pastel. Either way, let us know if you have an interior area that needs a color change. 541-497-3804

Inside Job

The Paint Dr says it’s a great time to schedule some interior paint work.

The Paint Dr crew works hard throughout the warmer months to achieve the best possible exterior paint jobs on customer homes and buildings. However, now it’s time for an Inside Job or two to keep things rolling through the winter months.

You can expect to get your best deal of the year on interior paint jobs when painting contractors are looking to keep their crews busy and the business running strong during the winter months.

So give the Paint Dr, aka Mike Nading, a call today and get that interior paint project on the calendar.

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