Kestrel White

It’s hard to beat the classic color of a well tinted white like Kestrel White from Sherwin-Williams. This is one of those colors you can use throughout the house with no concerns about it going out of style. Are you considering changing furniture soon? Neutral wall colors are a great way to get the latitude you want so other décor will fit right in. Lasting beauty can be applied by our crew while you shop for your new look in wall coverings and furniture. Call us at 541-497-3804.

Color palette to go with off white.

Bedroom Inspiration

Old meets new in this bedroom that features Sherwin-Williams Acacia Haze SW 9132. Weathered boards on the ceiling accentuate the fresh clean lines of the crown the molding and the contrasting tones of the wall color.

Paint Doctor's Painting offers new colors for your interior paint jobs. Listed here as one of 5 best painting contractors in Albany Oregon.
Check out the Sherwin-Williams Bedroom Color Inspiration Gallery for more fully decorated rooms featuring trending colors. Paint Doctor’s Painting would love to transform your interior spaces with the color of your choosing. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Church Painting

Having an attractive, well maintained property shows the community you are committed to quality and that you care about them by taking care of the way your neighborhood looks. An attractive paint job plays a major role in this aspect of your community outreach.

Church Painting

A quality paint job not only improves your church’s testimony in the community, it is also good stewardship because it protects the investment your church body has made on the property.

Although most of us recognize that the people (and not the building) are the church, in many ways the building represents the church body in the community. Having an attractive, well maintained property shows the community you are committed to quality and that you care about them by taking care of the way your neighborhood looks. An attractive paint job plays a major role in this aspect of your community outreach.

In addition to the appearance, properly applied paint also protects your building by providing a barrier against water and UV damage. Most exterior building materials were designed to have a protective covering of paint. Without up-to-date paint protection, these materials are susceptible to damaging water intrusion as well as to ultraviolet light damage. Both of these factors can greatly shorten the life expectancy of your church exterior.

In addition to damage to the exterior, water can get into the framing, insulation, sheetrock and carpet causing rot or mold issues. Paint really does protect.

As a church leader, you will be faced with decisions about how to proceed with getting the paint protection your property needs. Hopefully you will be able to navigate questions of body and trim color without too much trouble. But what about the actual labor to get the job done. Here’s why we think volunteers may not be the way to go for this task:

  1. A quality paint job is just as much about preparing the surfaces as it is about applying the paint. Loose and peeling paint need to be removed, a job that requires a specific skill set not to mention that the debris can end up in flower beds, on sidewalks and on parking lots. Ever try to clean up paint flakes and old caulking?
  2. Church buildings are bigger than you think. Reaching gables, bell towers, spires, crosses and cupolas can be difficult and dangerous especially without the proper equipment. How is your liability insurance?
  3. A church painting project can take months when relying on volunteers. Our estimators can provide you with a completion date and our large, experienced crew can complete the job quickly.

Paint Doctor’s Painting specializes in painting church buildings. We understand your questions and concerns. We are here to help. Give Mike a call at 541-497-3804

Inside Job

The Paint Dr says it’s a great time to schedule some interior paint work.

The Paint Dr crew works hard throughout the warmer months to achieve the best possible exterior paint jobs on customer homes and buildings. However, now it’s time for an Inside Job or two to keep things rolling through the winter months.

You can expect to get your best deal of the year on interior paint jobs when painting contractors are looking to keep their crews busy and the business running strong during the winter months.

So give the Paint Dr, aka Mike Nading, a call today and get that interior paint project on the calendar.

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Reaching New Heights

There are plenty of reasons not to paint your own house, but wanting to live may top the list. Reaching every painted surface on your home’s exterior and interior takes more than most homeowners realize. Through in an extra story and a hillside lot and you’ve a formula for a truly life-changing disaster.

Professional painters know how to reach all of those hard-to-reach peaks, gables and dormers that make you house look cool. Mike Nading, the Paint Doctor knows just how to get the job done in a safe and timely manner.

You might be surprised at just what it takes to get a painter in position to update and protect your home’s exterior, but whatever it takes, the Paint Doctor’s Painting Service will get there. It could take scaffolding, ladders, power lifts, cherry pickers, zip lines or catwalks – but they will get it done safely and thoroughly. Call Mike at 541-497-3804 and save your death defying adrenaline feats for your vacation adventures.

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Curb Appeal

Few things can improve the curb appeal of a house like new exterior paint. Dated colors, dingy trim, UV damage, mold and dirt can all be addressed in the prep and paint process of an exterior re-paint job.

But there are other benefits as well. These include improved weather protection, lower energy costs and added protection against insect invasion.

Weather protection comes in the form of a caulking that prevent water intrusion and a quality paint top coat that protects against moisture and damage caused by ultra violet light. Many homeowners underestimate the importance of paint to the longevity of the home’s exterior.

Caulking also helps seal a house against heat loss by preventing air movement through the joints and transitions at the trim boards, siding seams and corners. This can be very helpful to your energy costs for both heating and cooling.

An exterior paint job also gives you the opportunity to change your color schemes. This can both update and improve the looks of your home. Multi-color paint schemes can really accentuate the right features of your house.

Call the Paint Doctor, Mike Nading for an estimate on your new look: 541-497-3804.Albany Oregon Painting Contractor

United Methodist Bell Tower

Volunteers are the life blood of the United Methodist Church in Halsey, but when it’s time to paint their historic building with its iconic bell tower, they call in the Paint Doctor, Mike Nading and his crew.

Mike knows how to get the job done right the first time with the proper preparation, the right product and the best application. But more importantly for this job, his crew shows up with the right equipment to safely reach all sides of the bell tower. Not only does keep the congregation safely on the ground, it provides a safe platform for the crew and protects the building.

When your church building needs a fresh coat of paint, get the job done right by calling the Paint Doctor, Mike Nading 541-497-3804.

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Painting A House In A Day

Paint Doctor’s Painting recently had one of those stellar production days when everything went as planned. The combination of a tight schedule and the desire to help out a customer in a bind with a property on the coast launched a plan to paint an entire house in a day.

Included in the plan was all of the prep work, masking, body paint and trim. Of course, it helps when you roll onto the job with an experienced, hard working crew.

What a surprise for the homeowners when they came home from work and found a brand new looking house.

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Putting the Power in Power washing

Power washing can make your sidewalks and driveways look new and Paint Doctor’s Painting has the equipment and experience to get the job done right the first time.

It doesn’t take long for moss to grow and fine dust to pack into tiny crevices in our sidewalks and driveways here in the Willamette Valley. The best way to clean concrete is power washing, which takes a special machine, some experience and a great deal of patience.

Why not leave all of the that noise and mess to the crew of Paint Doctor’s Painting? When you consider machine rental, all of the trips, gas, mechanical hassles, noise and mess, this is a good job for the pros of Paint Doctor’s Painting.

Mike Nading the Paint Doctor

The very best nicknames are earned and bestowed on a person by their peers. This is definitely the case with the Paint Doctor aka Mike Nading of Albany, Oregon. Mike has worked in the paint industry for over 40 years and has earned a reputation with customers and fellow painters as the go-to guy for answers and advice about painting done right.

Much of Mike’s career in painting has been in the retail business. His paint stores in Roseburg and Albany were always fun places where homeowners felt welcome and where professional painters loved to stop by for supplies and grab a donut and a cup of coffee on the way to the job site.

Now for many years as a painting contractor, Mike has taken his trademark friendly customer service and vast knowledge of paint products, surface preparation and proper application to the places where they are needed most: the job sites and the homes of his customers.

Mike is more than willing to tackle even the toughest jobs, but there is one thing he tries to avoid at all costs: call-backs, which is why his motto “Do it right the first time” is quickly learned by everyone on his crew.

Give Mike Nading, the Paint Doctor, a call about your painting project today! 541-497-3804