How Much Paint Do I Need?

interior stair case in white

Sherwin-Williams offers these helpful tips for the amount of painted need for a project:

  1. First calculate the square feet of space that will be coated.
  2. Determine how many square feet a gallon of the intended product will cover.
  3. Divide the number of square feet to be covered by the number of square feet that a given product can cover.

For example, if the product covers 400 square feet, and you are coating 1,000 square feet (1,000 divided by 400 = 2.5), you will need 2.5 gallons. 400 square feet is theoretical because the texture of the substrate, along with the material left on the applicator, and other tools, are not part of this calculation. This information is often available on the data page for the product as well.

…or let the Doctor take care of it!

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