October 2023 Color of the Month

Paint Doctors Painting introduces the color of the month October 2023

With roots in timeless tradition, Toile Red’s mineral hue transitions between styles both classic and contemporary. Its moody shade sets the tone for a warm monochrome style that’s comforting and earthy, yet elevated and elegant.

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Toile Red anchors a warm monochrome color story for October that’s made to enliven spaces with cozy, inviting energy. Its coordinating trend shades of crimson, sunbaked reds and humble neutrals combine for an effortless harmony that coordinates your look with simple yet stunning style that feels both timeless and current.

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The sleek and sophisticated look of monochrome style might seem simple, but there’s more than meets the eye. It’s an approach that relies on a careful balance of color and accent elements to pull off its tidy, tied-together look. Layer the deeper shades of Carnelian and Reddened Earth to define the space and ground Toile Red’s lighter, muted hue while Pediment lends a note of bright contrast as backdrop. Don’t be afraid to make the look your own! Use a bright, contrasting jewel tone like Blue Peacock to make an unexpected statement of whimsical charm.

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