Green, Restorative and Nourishing

When green paint color is in its purest form, it appears balanced and refreshing. As it leans toward blue it becomes crisp and cool – perfect for bedrooms and baths. Whereas adding yellow can make green livelier – great for spaces where people gather.

Unlock the restorative energy stored in these Sherwin-Williams green paint colors. Discover nourishing sage greens like Svelte Sage or calming blue greens like Copen Blue. Or perhaps you’re searching for the muted cool of a gray green like Sea Salt or even the laid-back charm of an olive green like Renwick Olive? Find your inner green. Call Mike 541-497-3804

Escape Gray SW 6185
Paint Doctor's Painting can transform your kitchen space with this calming green.
Evergreen Fog SW 9130 features a green living room.
Living Room in Lacewing SW 6729
Interior painting season offers a chance to go green in your kitchen.
Kitchen in Lark Green SW 6745 dining room green wall option
Dining with a splash of green called Taiga SW 9654

How Much Paint?

Before you head to the paint store, you’ll want to make some measurements of the area you intend to paint. In general, a gallon of paint covers about 400 square feet, according to Lowes. However, professional painters know how wall conditions can affect the amount of paint needed. Very porous surfaces absorb paint. In fact a heavy-bodied primer for that condition is often required.

Of course when you hire us to paint your house, we do all of the calculations and include the material costs in the bid. No guess work, no trips or return trips to the paint store.

Tone on Tone Interior Project

A trending approach to color selection for interior spaces employs several shades of the same color. This project used Sherwin-Williams greens called Jardin, Pickle and Houseplant.

Weather Wise

We’re all aware that the layer of marine air that comes off the coast is the thing that keeps the Emerald Valley, you know, emerald. But the fog, mist and rain we experience creates some challenges as well. We construct our roads with crowns and proper ditches for run off. We avoid building houses in the flood zones. We all own some decent rain gear for our outdoor activities.

Our famous rain presents some distinct challenges for painting contractors as well. First of all is the selection of the best products for our particular climate. Paint adhesion for primers and finish coats in a damp environment are important considerations. Mold and mildew resistance and drying dynamics are also factors. Be sure to ask the Paint Doctor about using paints with anti-microbial properties, such as Sherwin-Williams Harmony and Duration Home.

Paint surface preparation is also very climate driven. It doesn’t take long in our valley for microscopic mold and mildew spores to gain a foothold and our world famous agriculture and natural pollens create dust that also settles onto our buildings. Surfaces must be properly cleaned for improved paint adhesion and to kill mold and mildew. Cleaning is a very important step in the painting process. The Paint Doctor knows how to get the job done right for the best protection for your building.

Paint application is also very weather dependent.  Paint must be applied within an optimal range of temperature and humidity. The Paint Doctor knows the best time to apply your paint and the best tools to do the job right the first time.

Our weather makes our state green but it presents some challenges for our painted surfaces that are best left to the pros at Paint Doctor’s Painting who know what products work best and what preparations need to be made. They also know when and how to best apply the product. Call Mike at 541-497-3804

Primed for Success

Primers fill and bind with underlying surfaces, which keeps the finish coat from peeling or from soaking unevenly into the surface.

Why use primer?

Primer is formulated to adhere to the surface below while providing the best possible surface for the finish coat. Primers fill and bind with underlying surfaces, which keeps the finish coat from peeling or from soaking unevenly into the surface.

Priming Bare Wood

When top coat paint is applied directly to bare wood, the wood can absorb components of the paint preventing it from forming the proper bonds, which weakens the paint so it can easily crack or peel. Bare wood also has color variations in the grain which primer helps cover. Additionally, some types of wood also has natural tannins and may require alkyd/oil primer to trap the tannins and keep them from bleeding through to the surface.

Primer applied to bare wood
Use a good quality primer designed for bare wood when painting over home repairs.

New Drywall

Application specific primer is also important on new drywall (first time to be painted). Drywall paper surface and joint compounds are very porous and can unevenly soak in components of the finish-grade paint making it weaker, causing uneven color and uneven sheen. A quality drywall first coat such as Sherwin-Williams PVA Drywall Primer & Sealer can help make your newly drywalled project a big success.

Primers designed specifically for new drywall are required for the first time drywall projects are painted.
Drywall primers are heavy bodied and designed to fill the porous surfaces of new drywall products.

Drastic Color Changes

Primers can be a big help when you are changing paint colors from dark to light or light to dark by creating an even, neutral base coat that allows your new color to actually be the one you chose. Without a primer coat the color of your old paint could affect the final tint.

Prime over dark colors before applying a lighter color top coat.
It’s good painting practice to prime over dark colors before applying a lighter color top coat.

Prime Time to Call the Doctor

One of the great benefits of working with Paint Doctor’s Painting is the expertise we bring when it comes to using the right primer for your project. Your unique project requires a specific prescription and we highly recommend you follow the Doctor’s instructions. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Plan Your Interior Update

Let’s not spend another winter with these outdated interior colors. This time of year we are preparing to spend a lot more time indoors so it’s a good time to call Mike (541-497-3804) at Paint Doctor’s Painting to schedule your interior paint transformation.

You may notice some changes to doors and wainscot in this update, but by far the biggest impact comes from the change in color.

These days many of us are spending more time at home, so let’s invest in making our interior spaces warm and welcoming by Paint Doctor’s Painting for a bid and checking out Sherwin-Williams for some interior color ideas.