Buying Time and Safety

Your time is worth a lot. Your safety is worth everything. Leave it to the pros of Paint Doctor’s Painting. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

You’ve probably heard the expression “your time is worth something” and at Paint Doctor’s Painting we know it’s true. When you consider the amount of time involved in doing your own paint project compared to hiring the Doctor, we think you will agree. Many property owners significantly underestimate what it takes to wash, prep, caulk, fill, sand, scrape, mask, pack, place, climb, spray, roll, brush, move and do it all again.

However, when you hire the pros at Paint Doctor’s Painting, you get an entire crew that is doing all of these operations at once with the speed and accuracy that comes with doing the job right the first time every day. Rather than having your house in that paint-job-in-process mode for weeks, you can have the whole job completed in a day or two.

Listed here among the top 5 painters in Albany Oregon, Paint Doctor's Painting can save you so much time and keep you safe.

Consider also the safety factor. We have the equipment and knowledge to do the job safely. When you consider how each time you move a ladder and reset it you have to get it just right and even then you are climbing, reaching and working off that ladder… Better left to the pros. Plus our guys know how to handle all of the products with the proper level of masks, respirators, gloves, face coverings, etc. Did you know many paint-related products have components that can be absorbed through the skin?

Top 5 painters in Lebanon, Oregon include Paint Doctor's Painting.

Your time is worth a lot. Your safety is worth everything. Leave it to the pros of Paint Doctor’s Painting. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Exterior Paint Inspiration

Need some inspiration for your home’s exterior paint color? Sherwin-Williams has a great resource on their website to give you a feel for some cool paint colors on a variety of houses. Another cool thing, Paint Doctors Painting can get the Sherwin-Williams color you choose. Check it out here

Colors shown are body: San Antonio Sage SW 7731, trim: Pier SW 7545, entry door: Red Barn SW 7591.

If these colors have inspired your next painting project, call Mike of Paint Doctor’s Painting for a quote 541-497-3804.

Painting A House In A Day

Paint Doctor’s Painting recently had one of those stellar production days when everything went as planned. The combination of a tight schedule and the desire to help out a customer in a bind with a property on the coast launched a plan to paint an entire house in a day.

Included in the plan was all of the prep work, masking, body paint and trim. Of course, it helps when you roll onto the job with an experienced, hard working crew.

What a surprise for the homeowners when they came home from work and found a brand new looking house.

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