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When you hire the pros at Paint Doctor’s Painting, you get an entire crew doing all of those difficult painting operations at once with the speed and accuracy that comes with doing the job right the first time every time.

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When you consider the amount of time involved in doing your own paint project compared to hiring the Doctor, we think you will agree. Many property owners significantly underestimate what it takes to wash, prep, caulk, fill, sand, scrape, mask, pack, place, climb, spray, roll, brush, move and do it all again.
However, when you hire the pros at Paint Doctor’s Painting, you get an entire crew that is doing all of these operations at once with the speed and accuracy that comes with doing the job right the first time every day. Rather than having your house in that paint-job-in-process mode for weeks, you can have the whole job completed in a day or two.
Consider also the safety factor. We have the equipment and knowledge to do the job safely. When you consider how each time you move a ladder and reset it you have to get it just right and even then you are climbing, reaching and working off that ladder… Better left to the pros.
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Ocean View Made New

This coastal house takes its views very seriously with a western wall of glass. However, there was plenty of exterior space that needed protection from the weather with a quality paint job. Frequent storms, prevailing winds, salt air, rain and ultra violet exposure with hardly a protective overhang in sight means careful planning and meticulous execution in prep and product application.

Our crew followed an excellent job by the siding crew at Stutzman & Kropf Contractors Inc.

SuperPaint Germ Killing Tech

This project was done with Sherwin-Williams SuperPaint® with Sanitizing Technology. According to Sherwin-Williams, “The exceptionally durable and trusted interior latex paint has the performance of SuperPaint® and offers your customers an additional tool to help combat certain harmful bacteria on painted surfaces. This paint goes on fast and provides ongoing antibacterial action day and night. Available in 540 beautiful hues from the Living Well™collection.*EPA registered paint that kills 99.9% of Staph (Staphylococcus aureus), E. coli (Escherichia coli), MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), VRE (Vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecalis) and Enterobacter aerogenes on painted surfaces within two hours of exposure, and continues to kill 90% of bacteria for up to four years when the integrity of the surface is maintained.”

Bungalow Bath

Using the trim paint color for both the door and the wainscot give this bathroom a bold two tone look that transformed this space.

Whites are never really white, are they? In this case the Alabaster white provides a toned down version for those sleepy morning eyes.

Down on the Farm

When you consider what makes a rural property stand out, it’s often the color coordination of the outbuildings and fences that make you think, “Wow, that’s a nice place.”

In previous blog entries we’ve talked about protecting your investments. This is true with outbuildings as well. You may not give some of your barns and sheds the same priority as the house, but when you consider replacement costs (especially with today’s material costs), the protection you get from quality paint throughout the property is well worth the investment.

Cutting corners on paint products and application processes will likely cost your more in the long run. Consider rundown looking properties with faded and peeling paint. It will take even more work to get these back up to speed.

If you are ready to get your rural property up to the level you’ve always dreamed, give us a call.

In the End

According to Sherwin-Williams, “The end of a hall can be the perfect spot to feature an unexpected hue that might otherwise overpower an entire room. Encourage more than a passing glance by displaying interesting artifacts on a narrow console.”

This is a scaled down version of an accent wall, which can add a lot of interest to a living space without taking over. When you schedule us for your interior paint project, be sure to ask about adding an accent wall.

The colors in this featured project include:

Cabinet Creative

Here’s another idea from the Sherwin-Williams Color Postcard collection: “Give an old cabinet new life with fresh paint. Using a vibrant color inside the hutch will help highlight your collections.”

Here are the colors used for this project:

The Paint Doctor, an Albany, Oregon painting contractor, can help with your creative interior projects.

Cool Exterior Color Idea

Colors in the blue range are often referred to as cool. What do you think of the house featured in the above photo? Can you imagine your house in this cool color scheme? The colors shown are from Sherwin-Williams.

One Color Interior

We like to help our clients figure out different ways to save money on their projects. One thing we suggest for those with rental properties is using one paint throughout the interiors. This helps avoid confusion, speeds the touch up and repair process and saves money on applications.

The most efficient form of this concept is using the same paint on walls, doors and trim. Surprisingly, the trim looks like it is a different shade because of the difference in texture and the added contour of shadow lines. This is an obvious time saver when touching up and repainting the unit.

This approach requires the right choice in paint, especially sheen, but it can provide excellent, long lasting results when done according to the Doctor.