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When you hire the pros at Paint Doctor’s Painting, you get an entire crew doing all of those difficult painting operations at once with the speed and accuracy that comes with doing the job right the first time every time.

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When you consider the amount of time involved in doing your own paint project compared to hiring the Doctor, we think you will agree. Many property owners significantly underestimate what it takes to wash, prep, caulk, fill, sand, scrape, mask, pack, place, climb, spray, roll, brush, move and do it all again.
However, when you hire the pros at Paint Doctor’s Painting, you get an entire crew that is doing all of these operations at once with the speed and accuracy that comes with doing the job right the first time every day. Rather than having your house in that paint-job-in-process mode for weeks, you can have the whole job completed in a day or two.
Consider also the safety factor. We have the equipment and knowledge to do the job safely. When you consider how each time you move a ladder and reset it you have to get it just right and even then you are climbing, reaching and working off that ladder… Better left to the pros.
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How Often Should I Paint the Exterior of My House?

In general, houses need a thorough paint job every 5-10 years. The key is to not wait to long. Once paint house reaches obvious signs of deterioration it will cost more to get it back up to specs. According to BetterHomes & Gardens, “The trick to saving money when it comes to painting your home is scheduling a paint job before it becomes an issue—not after.”

A big part of a quality paint job is preparation. The longer a house goes without new paint the more prep work is required in cleaning, scraping, sanding, priming and caulking. Sooner is better. Give us a call and we’ll get on it and get it done right the first time. Mike 541-497-3804


According to Sherwin-Williams, “Until a few years ago, painting needed to done when temperatures were going to be above 50°F. However, with advances made in waterborne technologies, products like Duration®, Resilience®, SuperPaint®, A-100®, in addition to WoodScapes® products can be applied when temperatures are as low as 35ºF.

Please note that surface, air and product temperatures must be at or above 35ºF and that environmental conditions during and after painting need to be considered. Stable conditions and temperatures above 35ºF are needed early in the paint’s drying schedule. The first 48 hours could be critical to successful drying.”

We’re ready when you are. Give us a call so we can give you a bid on your exterior house paint project. Mike 541-497-3804

March 2023 Color of the Month Kestrel White

Sometimes opposites really do attract. When it comes to Modern Traditional style, you get the best of two vastly different worlds, and in the middle, you find a beautiful hue like Kestrel White with just the right blend of cozy sophistication to carry the look. The warm, inviting vibe of this stunning white effortlessly balances elements of traditional and modern design. It’s perfect for playing host to a family gathering space where you want to sit and stay a while. Play up the earthiness in the tonal colors of this palette, layering Dhurrie Beige trim and a Kestrel White wall with warm wood tones to fully embrace the authentic charm of this style.

Homburg Gray Color of the Month February 2023

Homburg Gray is an alluring neutral hue with a little mystery, shifting its look and mood with the light. Bright, open spaces filled with natural light pull its earthy green undertones. And in darker settings, it reveals its deeper blue green character as the more refined side of its personality emerges. Its easy adaptability and versatile style give it a place throughout the home.

Match a Photo

Use the ColorSnap Visualizer App to find colors from Sherwin Williams that match colors on your selected photos. The color match in our sample is from a recent cabinet install. This gives us a good starting point to the right color to match the cabinets. From there you can order larger color samples or pick up an actual paint sample from your local Sherwin Williams store.

ColorSnap Visualizer for iPhone and Android INSTANT PAINT Feature

The newest version of ColorSnap® Visualizer for mobile integrates a cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) experience called Instant Paint. This feature provides a fast, seamless way to visualize any of our 1,700 colors on walls—in real time. Easily create custom palettes, save colors, try different color options and share results in a variety of ways.

It’s the most innovative update yet, leading to faster, more confident color selections.

Church Painting Service

Whether you are a deacon, a volunteer on the painting committee or an administrative pastor for a multi-staff ministry, you have been tasked with finding the right painting contractor for your church painting project. We hope you will prayerfully consider Paint Doctor’s Painting. We have the church painting experience and the integrity to help you in this important ministry of stewardship.

Church painting has unique challenges from the heights of the sanctuary to the tip of the steeple, experience with reaching these areas can be an important consideration when you present your proposal to the church board. Give Mike a call to talk about how we can serve you as you serve the Lord, 541-497-3804.

Property Protection

For most of us, our houses and our business properties are our biggest assets. We have invested a lot of resources into these buildings. which is why critical maintenance is so important. Keeping a protective layer of quality paint is essential to protecting our investment.

Many exterior building products are engineered to have a protective layer of paint. Paint provides protection against water intrusion and against ultraviolet light deterioration. Many siding types are not particularly strong or resilient unless they are properly sealed and painted.

According to the Engineered Wood Association, “Proper finishing protects siding from the weather, reduces maintenance and promotes long-lasting performance. Weather can cause surface damage to unprotected wood within 4 weeks of exposure and adversely affect the performance of subsequently applied finishes. Preprimed products should be top-coated within 60 to 90 days of installation.”

The Paint Doctor takes into account the specific recommendations provided by the siding manufacturers. These recommendations are not just for the chemical characteristics of the primers and paints, but timing and how to apply the product. For example, “The first coat should either be brush-applied or sprayed and back-brushed while the finish is still wet. This is essential for textured surfaces, such as rough-sawn. Brushing helps work the finish into the siding, therefore providing better protection to the siding surface and optimum finish adhesion,” according to the Engineered Wood Association.

Additionally the edges and transitions must be sealed with proper caulking products professionally applied.

When you consider the amount of money you have invested in your siding, professional paint application makes a lot of sense to protect your investment. Call Mike at 541-497-3804.

Color of the Year 2023

Sherwin-Williams says “if the most beautiful beige could blush, you’d find our 2023 Color of the Year,” which is Redend Point. “Redend Point is a thoughtful hue that knows how to reinvent a space in the warmest of ways,” says Sue Wadden, Director of Color Marketing.

Whether you make the bold choice to go with Redent Point, or select a more neutral color scheme, call Mike at Paint Doctor’s Painting to get your project going 541-497-3804.

Here is a potential color palette to go with Redend Point.

Opportunity Cost

The idea sounds good. I’ll just paint it myself. But there can be a lot more to a painting project than many homeowners realize. Just tracking down the basic supplies (masking materials, drop cloths, brushes, rollers, pans…) takes time and money.

You may not have considered the opportunity cost to your diy project: what could I be doing to make money if I wasn’t working on this paint job? It’s another good reason to call the Paint Doctor, 541-497-3804.

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DIY paint project.
Masking tape and paint brush